After performing and recording with musicians in rock, jazz, classical, and beyond, Nate Miller is now focused mostly on ambient and dance music.

Miller creates solo albums with a cool, meditative effect. He formed his own record label, Emanate 7, producing audio books for local authors, and was inspired to create his own new sonic vision. Being multi-talented, Miller plays and records everything himself in a small but highly effective home recording studio.

Artists Nate Miller has worked with at Emanate 7 Productions:

Anara Kashna

Andrew Miller

Claire McGee

Dana Brouwer

Dan Legare

David Somerville


Evans McGee

Greg Perry

Jenny Rowett

Jennifer Sexton

Lindsay Morgan

Fred McCausland

Lucie Desaulniers, M Ed


Louise Farr

Margaret Beukeveld

Michael R Miller

Michel Morris, M Ed

Michelle Russel

Moon Joyce

Motion Ensemble

Natalie Sappier (Samaqani Cocahq)

Sarah McAdam and Circus 100

Susan Duquette

Pam Allen-LeBlanc

Pamela Nadeau

Paula D Tozer








2007 to current
Composer, producer, song-writer and recording engineer as Emanate 7


Teaching Experience
2008 - current drum Instruction
Private and group lessons for hand-drumming, including the development of a 6 week course: Exploring Hand-drums

1996 - current Guitar instruction

Private instruction for individuals, in both electric and acoustic guitar

2009 - taught at as guest drummer in the St. Thomas University Native Studies program for Dr. Ruth Morrison

2018 - assistant drum instructor for Bruno Allard's Drum Workshop - The Ville Cooperative, Fredericton

Fredericton Arts Alliance -  Artist in Residence 2015, Soldier’s Barracks Fredericton, N.B.
Nate Miller and Samaqani Cocahq

Fredericton Arts Alliance- Artists In Residency 2016 - Soldier’s Barracks  Fredericton N.B.
Nate Miller and Samaqani Cocahq


Associated Activities
Regular participation in healing drum circles
Regular participation in Reiki shares
Lead drumming for ceremonial and celebratory events
Consulting on and providing technical support for event sound engineering DJ’ing for special events such as Goth Balls and Dance Parties


Recent Live Performances

2018 Aug - Golden Unicorn Arts Festival - Nate Miller solo voice/guitar
2018 Feb - Stella Hey Stella! A Night in Africa - Fundraiser-Charolette Street Arts Centre
2018 Aug - Creek Village Gallery & Cafe - Woodstock N.B - Nate Miller solo voice/guitar
2018 Aug Fredericton Pride Concert Officer”s Square Samaqani Cocahq Voice/Drum Nate Miller Guitars, Drums
2017 Jan. Altantic Policy Congress of First Nations - Saint John Hilton
Samaqani Cocahq and Artists Performance Crew Nate Miller Guitars, Drums
2017 June The Beaverbrook Art Gallery National Aboriginal Day Samaqani Cocahq Voice/Drum Nate Miller Guitars, Drums
2017 Aug Fredericton Pride Concert Officer”s Square Samaqani Cocahq Voice/Drum Nate Miller Guitars, Drums
2016 June City Hall, Fredericton Samaqani Cocahq Voice/Drum Nate Miller Guitars, Drums
2016 July River Jam - DJ PURDY’S The Delta Hotel - Stella Hey Stella! - Drums
2016 Nov.30 Hot Licks - Fundraiser for CARMA - Dolan's Pub Stella Hey Stella! Guitar

2015 Oct For Arts Sake - FAA Gala Charlotte Street Arts Centre Miller Trio - Drums

2014 June, Charlotte St. Arts Centre, drum performance, We Are All White Bones, Natalie Sappier, Art opening

2014 March, Moncton, Health and Wellness Cooperative, guitar perforamce, Hearts Ease, with EagleSpirit

2014 February, Fredericton, Michelle C. Hicks Healing Arts, drum performance, opened for Somerville.

2013 May, Saint John, Simply Local, Eh! Opening, drum performance
2013 April, Saint John, Centre for Inner Wholeness, Emanate 7 CD Celebration, drum performance
2013 March, Fredericton, Emanate 7 CD launch for Future Bodies and Sky Dancing, drum performance
2012 December, Fredericton, New Dawn, drum performance
2012 November, Fredericton, original music composition for the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design Alumni fashion show: By Land, By Sea, By Air
2012 December, Fredericton, The Lieutenant Governor's House, Multi-languages Winter Holiday Concert, drum performance in group
2012 August, Fredericton Pride Concert, guitar and vocals
2012 July, Fredericton, The Wilmot Ally Art Market, drum performance
2012 July, Fredericton, Charlotte Street Arts Centre, Alt. Love, drum performance
2012 June, Fredericton, Solstice Ceremony, Goddess , lead drummer
2011 May, Fredericton, Tropos by Deanna Musgrave Exhibition, drum performance with members of Motion Ensemble and Symphony New Brunswick
2010 December, Fredericton, Boom! Nightclub, Emanate 7 performance
2010 August, Fredericton Pride Festival, drum performance

Emanate 7 is a project studio, specializing in ambient music projects.

Founded by Nate Miller in 2007, he creates solo albums under the name, Emanate 7. In addition to his own music, he has helped many others realize their dreams.  Miller produces cds and audio books for local authors, healing practitioners, and solo music artists.

​Nate Miller's recent recording studio works include:

☆ "Apotamkin" (Sea Monster) Carr Sappier- filmmaker & videographer

☆ "Finding Wolastoq Voice" A Play by Natalie Sappier World Premier

Currently working on:

☆"Illumination" by EagleSpirit - life-coach, healer (2nd album)

☆ "Kilimanjaro" by Stella Hey Stella - (song for video documentary by Chris Pitman)

​Emanate 7's digital releases: (See Releases page)
Several vocalists appear on Emanate 7''s many full length albums, from 2007 - 2016; such as Anara Kashna, Lucie Desaulniers, Margaret Beukeveld, Jenn Sexton, Samaqani Cocahq (Natalie Sappier),  and Nate Miller.