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Emanate 7 is a project studio, specializing in ambient music projects.

Founded by Nate Miller in 2007, he creates solo albums under the name, Emanate 7. In addition to his own music, he has helped many others realize their dreams.  Miller produces cds and audio books for local authors, healing practitioners, and solo music artists.

Nate Miller's recent recording studio works include:

☆ "Apotamkin" (Sea Monster) Carr Sappier- filmmaker & videographer

☆ "Finding Wolastoq Voice" A Play by Natalie Sappier World Premier


Currently working on:

"Illumination" by EagleSpirit - life-coach, healer (2nd album)

☆ "Kilimanjaro" by Stella Hey Stella - (song for video documentary by Chris Pitman)

Emanate 7's digital releases are "Transitions" (2016), "Future Bodies" (2013), "Sky Dancing" (2013), and "Ambient Aura" (2012). 

Several vocalists appear on Emanate 7''s many full length albums, from 2007 - 2016; such as Anara Kashna, Lucie Desaulniers, Margaret Beukeveld, Jenn Sexton, Samaqani Cocahq (Natalie Sappier),  and Nate Miller.


Photo by Gary Weekes

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