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Nate Miller has been recording and performing music since the 1980s. He played guitar/ electronics with Sky Beneath My Feet (Montréal), Opposites Attract, bloom, Strangers In A Strange Land (Victoria BC), Walk Out Weird, Shining Path, and Zero and the Big Bad Wolves (Toronto)

Although mostly in the rock genre, Miller has worked both as a musician and a sound engineer and recording artist with classical and jazz artists, including New Brunswick's
Motion Ensemble.

Miller has created solo recordings over the past 40 years, and the vibe changes every decade. In 2007, he started producing ambient music used for meditation and healing: audiobooks, cds. He wanted to create in a field outside the world of arts and entertainment.
Emanate 7 Productions was born! The method used, in his home studio left him with a lot of outtakes. But the outtakes are just as good as the finished work! To date there are over 30 albums remastered and available digitally worldwide.

Miller has also played drums in cover bands ranging from heavy metal to pop to country:
Zimmerman Troll (London Ont.), Delta (N.B.), and Stella Hey Stella (N.B.)