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solo artist recording

I record solo artists in my home studio, located in Fredericton N.B., Canada. My studio space is equipped to produce a wide variety of styles and instruments. In addition to recording engineering and producing, I offer songwriting and arranging services, and can perform on
drums, guitar, bass, and keyboards.
I charge between
$200 - $500 per song. It depends on what I have to add to it. If it’s a straightforward, live performance type of recording, like a guitar/vocal song, for example, it'll cost $200 per song. (up to 10 minutes max)

You can create your own band sound in the studio if you want to try out any song idea. I am here to assist in creating your music. The number of parts you can add, (over dub) is unlimited.

I give discounts for full albums. If it’s just vocal+guitar, for example, I can produce 8 songs for as little as

All prices include mixing and mastering for full, broadcast professional quality.

(Formats: 24 bit wav- 16 bit wav - 320 kbps mp3)


customized music

Commissions and customized music for videos, commercials, websites and anything else. I can model your ideas into music.